Day 1: Installing and downloading HashiCorp Vault

The goal of today is to get an impression what’s possible with HashiCorp Vault. Therefor, we download the open source version and do some exercises with it.

First navigate to

Here you can download the edition for your Operating System. In my case, it’s Microsoft Windows. I choose the 64 bit version. Now at moment of writing, it’s version 0.10.0

The file ( in downloaded into the Downloads folder. The file only contains one executable: vault.exe

Put this file, either in the %PATH% or in a current folder.

For testing, put this into c:\vaulttest\vault.exe

Now open a PowerShell session:

and type the following command:

This has the following result:


Now we have successfully downloaded and installed HashiCorp Vault.

For a better experience, we should include the location where vault.exe resides, into the PATH environment.

For the current session this can be done using: